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  • Trip grading

    Before booking a tour, it is very important that you objectively assess your physical fitness. Such as,  how far are you able to walk and how much can you deal with. If you book a tour that’s beyond your capabilities you could find yourself out of your comfort zone and may even take unnecessary risks.

    Our trips are neither dangerous nor hazardous, but they are for fit and healthy people who regularly exercise throughout the year. Don’t expect to come on tour to get fit. The following information will help you to select the trip that best suits your level of fitness.

    It is also important to remember that you will possibly be travelling with other people (known to you or not) for a relatively long time and, therefore, you should be patient and work together with them.

    Trip grading




    Level I


    Comfortable travel, overnighting in hotels with daily excursions to suit all ages and capabilities.

    Level II


    Staying in hotels or posadas but possibly with one or two nights camping in the open air. Moderate trekking, horseriding and mountain biking; other activities may be included.

    Level III


    Trekking and cycling at high altitudes, open-air camping and grade I or II whitewater rafting. Tour participants must be physically fit.

    Level IV



    Challenging trips of a longer duration, away from populated areas. Tiring and strenuous treks or climbing at high altitudes. Grade III or IV whitewater rafting.


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