Santos Luzardo Cinaruco Canaparo National Park

Venezuela is one of the ten most biologically diverse countries in the world. Pioneers in environmental protection, Venezuela has introduced many laws concerning the use and enjoyment of these national treasures. As a result of these laws there are 43 national parks and 22 nature reserves (around 21% of the country), 2 bio-reserves, 7 sanctuaries and 5 wildlife reserves. This fantastic combination of boundless and raw beauty makes it exceptionally good for the tourism industry.

The Santos Luzardo Cinaruco Canaparo National Park was decreed in 1988 and covers an area of 584,368km2. Here you can find around ten species of endemic plants in its cinaruco gallery forests, savannahs and rivers. The land is very flat, its only elevation being the Cinaruco Hills.

The river basins encourage the presence of pabon fish, Arrau Turtles and caimans. In addition there are three endemic bird species and more than 20 migratory species and you may also see jaguars, deer and capybaras.