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  • Organizations we support

    Merida Botanical Garden

    The Merida botanical garden is, besides a research and science center, a botanical garden in itself. It is made up of a great variety of vegetal species and gardens where specific plant diversities are grouped. It is a large park comprising really beautiful green and recreational areas, very well taken care of. Natoura supports the garden with funds and takes part in some educational activities for children and young people.

    Rancho Grande Biological Station

    Those who travel to Henri Pittier National Park will visit the Rancho Grande. This is a biological station dedicated to the study of the local flora, fauna, and farming techniques of this region. It has many trails into the surrounding cloud forest as well as a feeding station which attracts the birds for those interested in birdwatching from a terrace within the lodge.

    Asoc. de Baquianos y Posaderos del Páramo

    Accommodations known as Mucuposadas

    On the Crossing the Andes on Foot tour, we work with the European Union supported Programa de los Andes Tropicales, who created the ASOBAP to teach the locals how to work with tourists. To do this they educate local farmers on how to work with tourists as well as how to create a cleaner environment. In return, the association gives them micro credits to upgrade and maintain facilities in their homes for tourists, as well as provide meals that come from their own fields.

    The Orinoco Delta Lodge Foundation

    The Orinoco Delta Lodge (http://www.orinocodelta.com) seeks to educate the children of the Warao Indians who live in the remote area of the Orinoco River. We feel that it is important to provide basic education to the children and young people of this community so that they can learn to read and write in the Spanish language. We do not want to limit this education to traditional school subjects but additionally teach ecological concepts about nature and the preservation of their environment.

    Program Andes Tropicales

    (Programa Andes Tropicales (PAT) (http://www.andestropicales.org) exists with the objective of helping all the communities of the small Andean villages that you will visit on your hikes. The PAT finances these people with micro-credits to pay for the resources that can improve their houses and guest houses and, with this, create conditions to bring in more tourists who are participating in ecotourism activities. The PAT provides professional business courses for this communities as well.

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