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    We are delighted to give you some information about our company. Natoura is a Venezuelan  inbound tour operator which has specialised in adventure travel and ecotourism since 1991. We put together creative itineraries for individuals and groups; these itineraries are designed to suit the requirements and budget of our clients so that they can experience the real Venezuela.  We are a small company of just 18 people working across the whole of Venezuela. We can put together itineraries of any standard, suited to your interests and abilities; we offer a complete service any day of the week, at any time of the day, and are always available to help in any eventuality.

    We offer a complete service from the moment your clients arrive in Venezuela until they return home. We are an IATA 955 02945 accredited agent and can arrange international and domestic flights. Having been in business for 20 years so far, we have excellent relations with hotels and guesthouses throughout Venezuela, ensuring that you enjoy the best possible room rates offered by these providers. We work with a network of high-quality hotels and guesthouses to offer you a choice of the loveliest places to stay and eat.

    We have expertise in organising treks and expeditions and rely on a team of local guides to help our groups; we also have a naturalist if required by our clients. In order to guarantee your security we use a communications system specially designed for remote areas. For reservations we use the British software ‘Tourplan’ system and guarantee a response within 48 hours of receiving your request.

    Since 2008, Natoura has been considered by the National Geographic Adventure magazine as ‘one of the best companies on earth’!

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