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  • Responsible Travel Policy
  • Responsible Travel Policy

    Policy Aims

    At Natoura, we aim to provide eco-friendly tours throughout Venezuela that engage our employees and clients in:

    • Substantial support for local economies

    • Comprehensive environmental education

    • Encouraging cultural exchange

    We aim to reduce economic exploitation, environmental destruction, and cultural ignorance by providing tours that:

    • Empower the members of local communities

    • Provide opportunities to improve the understanding of the environment

    • Bridge the cultural gap

    With our 20 years of experience as a tour operator that serves both national and international clients, we aim to continue growing to meet the needs of:

    • Our clients

    • Our employees

    • The local communities

    • The environment in which we operate tours

    Economic Responsibility

    Natoura maintains economic responsibility in several important ways.

    • First, Natoura employs local and native transfer assistants, guides, and porters for all of its tours in order to improve job opportunities for Venezuelans who specialize in tourism and to encourage cultural exchange between travelers and the local community.

    • Secondly, Natoura supports several organizations (such as the Program for the Tropical Andes) which specializes in the training and education of local business owners and farmers, which in turn stimulates the local economies.

    Finally, Natoura primarily uses locally-owned guesthouses and restaurants, ensuring the success of the local economy.

    Environmental Responsibility

    Natoura attempts to practice environmental responsibility in many areas.

    • In our office practices we promote paper re-use and recycling, as well as the conservation of resources such as gas and water by using more efficient methods.

    • We additionally reduce waste by directing travelers to our website and emailing itinerary information (whenever possible) rather than using paper brochures or printed documentation.

    • Natoura encourages the minimal use of water on tours by encouraging “natural” cleaning methods (using rivers, waterfalls, and hot springs).

    • Natoura keeps group sizes small (normally no more than 8 people) for its tours, to minimize the damage to wildlife and other ecosystems we visit.

    • Likewise, we adhere to and promote “leave no trace” ethics in all of our tours.

    • We attempt to minimize air pollution by providing tours that are “people powered”, ie walking, climbing, biking, horseback riding, and canoeing.

    We employ professional naturalists as our guides so travelers benefit from their specialized knowledge of the environment and its protection.

    Social Responsibility

    Natoura provides all travelers with extensive and up-to-date pre-departure information including advice about the expected cultural and language differences.

    • At the travelers´ request, we also provide accurate and up-to-date information about the political situation of the country as a whole, as well as the specific regions we tour.

    • Natoura provides suggestions on our website for engaging in local culture and encouraging good relations with local communities.

    • All of our guides are native to Venezuela and act as excellent resources for travelers in understanding the cultural significance of the areas visited.

    • Since many of our tours specifically visit local indigenous communities, we aim to employ guides from within those communities to give our travelers an even more culturally enriched and personal experience.

    Natoura provides its travelers with the opportunity to contribute (monetarily or by other means) to several organizations that benefit the local communities that we visit. Our relationship with the Program for the Tropical Andes, various biological stations throughout the country, and foundations for the education of indigenous communities gives tourists the opportunity to see how their vacation can positively affect local businesses and scientific or educational initiatives.

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