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    Auyantepui Trek

    Auyantepui Trek

    Auyantepui Trek

    Auyantepui Trek

    Auyantepui Trek


    Gran Sabana / Canaima




    8 days / 7 nights


    From May to December


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    Auyantepui Trek

    Auyantepui Trek

    The Auyantepui is also called the Home of the Devil by the Pemon Indians who live in this region. This is the largest tepui in Bolivar state and the location of the highest waterfall in the world – Angel Falls. This is an 8-day moderate level trek.

    The trip starts in Ciudad Bolivar but it is also possible to begin in Puerto Ordaz or Santa Elena de Uairén.


    Day 1: Ciudad Bolivar -Canaima -Angel Falls – Uraven - Guayacara We leave Ciudad Bolivar in a small Cessna airplane. After passing a few small tepuis we enter Canaima National Park. The flight through the Devil’s Canyon is a thrill for people who enjoy flying. Coming out of the canyon we leave Kavak on our right and descend to Uruyen, our destination. We should land before lunch time. We’ll start the trek to the camp, on the first terrace of the mountain, and stay there for the night. (2-3 hours flight; 3-4 hours hiking) (–, L, D)

    Day 2: High Sabana-El Peñon After breakfast we make our way across a typical “High Sabana”. Along the way, changes in the flora are already noticeable. Before it gets too hot, we will reach the shady and silent sanctuary of the “Middle Rainforest”. We stay in the shade until we reach the second terrace where the vegetation changes quite dramatically. There, we encounter the first members of the endemic tepui flora. We’ll arrive at our camp, between 1500 and 1600hrs, where we set up for the night. (6-7 hours hiking) (B, L, D)

    Day 3: El Peñon - Auyantepui Summit - El Oso In the morning, from “El Peñon” we look down into a sea of clouds. After 90 minutes walking we will arrive at “La Paloma”; there we have a little rest then begin the ascent. Near the abyss at “Pico Libertador”, weather permitting, we will stop for lunch. From there, after approximately three more hours, we arrive at “El Oso”, our friendly rock overhang and home for three nights. We set up camp for the night at around 1700hrs. (6-7 hours hiking) (B, L, D)

    Day 4: El Oso - Orchid Island This morning we will relax and can spend time bathing in a waterfall about 15 minutes from El Oso. After lunch and a short siesta it’s time to discover the orchids. We won’t have to walk far and there will be enough time to learn about the tepui’s flora in detail. (3 hours hiking) (B, L, D)

    Day 5: Campo Lecho/Churún River-El Oso After an early breakfast we will be on our way to “Campo Lecho” located behind the big bend on the “Churún River”. We will leave the bleak plain to enter a green haven of rainforest, signaling the vicinity of the river. Soon we arrive at the “Churun” bend in time for lunch. We arrive back at “El Oso” at around 1600hrs. (6-7 hours hiking) (B, L, D)

    Day 6: El Oso - El Peñon - Guayacara We will break camp as early as possible and on the way down we only stop at El Peñon for lunch. The trip is long, but it is all downhill. We will descend with care, especially in areas where we need ropes to help us through. (7-8 hours hiking) (B, L, D)

    Day 7: Guayacara-Kavak A leisurely breakfast will prepare us for the last leg before civilization beckons. In Kavak, which we have only seen from the air, cold drinks will be available. We will finally sit at tables after 7 days - a well-deserved reward - and will have a special Kavak chicken barbecue. Comfortable hammocks will await us for a good night's sleep. (6 hours hiking) (B, L, D)

    Day 8: Kavak Cave-Ciudad Bolívar While we are waiting for the plane from Ciudad Bolivar we will use the time to visit the famous “Kavak Cave”. With cameras safely packed in plastic bags we will swim part of the way to a very impressive waterfall in a cave-like opening in this narrow canyon. (2 hours hiking) (B, L, D)

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